• Category policies

    • to build our image in the world of associations and allow our members’ professional growth;
    • to promote initiatives with a broader scope, with policies common to all the member businesses, in such a way as to present single proposals consistent with all operators’ real needs, and that at the same time have significant political weight;
    • to promote specialist technical training at the local level: tax, legal, trade-union, commercial;
    • to promote negotiation with the banking and insurance system; to promote policies towards institutions;
    • to promote information and communication.
    • Promote information and communication

  • Policies for Members

    Study of the manual on moving activity forms

    • developing general conditions and conditions for lodging at Unioncamere offices;
    • labour and trade-union policies: flexibility, shifts, internal mobility;
    • traffic policies: traffic safety;
    • moving policies at public and private bodies;
    • transport policies on the system: permits for gaining access to historic city centres, car parks, and motorways.
  • Services for Members

    National collective bargaining agreement

    • renewal of national collective bargaining agreement. AITI is taking direct and active part in the negotiations to renew the national collective bargaining agreement for transport and goods shipment enterprises;
    • information and consulting. For member enterprises, AITI ensures an information and consulting service regarding: proper application of the sectoral labour contract, labour legislation, and insurance and social security regulations;
    • collective disputes. AITI assists member enterprises in resolving collective disputes, particularly in all the phases needed to execute supplementary corporate agreements (articles 11 and 11 bis of the national collective bargaining agreement): study of the case, preparation of the contract scheme in accordance with the guidelines defined by the national collective bargaining agreement, and dialogue with the workers’ trade-union organizations;
    • Individual disputes. assists the member enterprises in resolving individual disputes, such as: disciplinary measures, dismissals, and requests for pay differences.

  • Agreements for Members

    AITI proposes to sign or renew conventions and consulting agreements with businesses and bodies, for the purpose of strengthening and capitalizing on the mover’s work, while organizing training courses and assessing possible access to financing.

    AITI does not intend to be a selection body, but rather a protection body for those that intend to engage in this noble activity with professionalism, in a setting where it is possible to express those entrepreneurial conditions that quite often are not found today.