The association

“Associazione Imprese Traslocatori Italiani – A.I.T.I. (Association of Italian Moving Enterprises) belongs to Confederazione
Generale Italiana dei Trasporti e della Logistica – Confetra (General Italian Confederation of Transport and Logistics), and was established in Rome in accordance with the laws in force. The Association may join other national and international bodies, provided their purposes are compatible with its own and with Confetra’s purposes.

The Association does not have as its object, even in part, the exercise of commercial activity, and is non-profit.

The Association has the following purposes:

a) to stimulate – in the society where it operates and among entrepreneurs – knowledge of social and civic values, and to guide the entrepreneurs’ behaviour in the setting of a free society of development;

b) to contribute towards to promoting, with civil institutions and economic, political, social, and cultural organizations, forms of collaboration that make it possible to pursue greater aims of progress together, without compromising the members’ autonomy and interests;

c) to perform the following functions for its members:

    1. protecting the figure of the entrepreneur and of moving enterprises on the moral, social, economic, trade-union, financial, and tax levels, and in every other field of importance, while promoting suitable actions; when required, reaching agreements with businesses, working groups, and society at large;
    2. studying, promoting, and implementing every initiative to capitalize on and strengthen the mover’s work;
    3. promoting, organizing, and documenting research and studies, training courses, debates, and conferences on economic, social, technical, and management issues, and on subjects of general interest for the category;
    4. supplying to member enterprises consulting and assistance services regarding problems of interest to them;
    5. appointing its representatives to all bodies and authorities in which this representation is provided for by laws and regulations, or is required or admitted;
    6. fostering fair understanding and true collaboration between members, while foreseeing and stopping any form of harmful unfair competition.

A.I.T.I. is working intensely to expand its membership base as much as possible, and to increase the services provided and its organizational functions so as to represent Italian moving professionals in an increasingly massive and qualified way.