Created in 1953 as a section of F.I.D.I. and re-founded in 1980, A.I.T.I. celebrated its new start in 2003.

First A.I.T.I. chairman

Among the leading promoters and founders, Robert Bolliger was elected first chairman of A.I.T.I.


The statute was approved, and a “section,” whose members are FIDI members, was created. Laura Busettini was elected to chair the Section.

Study on removals

During Robert Bollinger’s chairmanship, Konrand Baumgartner presented a report on the world of moving. The study, the result of a synthesis of data collected by Baumgartner himself during his entrepreneurial activity, drew a precise picture of all the problems related to the world of moving in Italy (Economic, regulatory, and operative conditions).


The International and Ministry Relations Section was established, and Sandro Gobbi was elected as its chairman. The International and Ministry Relations Section was established, and Sandro Gobbi was elected as its chairman.


That same year, and again under Robert Bolliger’s chairmanship, more important achievements were attained, including: the A.I.T.I. / FEDEMAC Association


Transfer of A.I.T.I.’s main office to CONFETRA.


Massimo Miani was made chairman of A.I.T.I.


Max Ajroldi is elected chairman of the F.I.D.I. Section.


A new season, seeing the rise of the “Travelling General Assemblies.”


That same year, thanks also to willing contributions from many members, a collaboration relationship was initiated with the LTBF foundation and its president Irene Pivetti.

First Annual Conference

The first “Annual Conference” provided an occasion to give life to the “Moving Project”; Transport Undersecretary Bartolomeo Giachino was at the table of presenters.

First “Travelling General Assembly”

The first “Travelling General Assembly” was held in the charming city of Venice.


In 2010, Catania hosted the second “Travelling General Assembly” in a setting where, in addition to the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence, and the Rome Chamber of Commerce, on hand was Dott.ssa Clara Ricozzi, Secretary General of the Road Haulage Board. She underlined the commitment by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport to recognizing the profession through the establishment of a “special section” within the road haulage registry.

Local and national moving

The Catania assembly also became the setting for the Rome Chamber of Commerce to officialize the “Local and national moving” model contract.


The third “Travelling General Assembly” was held in 2011 in Vignola (Bologna). That year, the chairmanship of A.I.T.I was entrusted to Sandro Gobbi, who stressed the importance of staying the course, already begun by former chairman Massimo Miani, of strengthening A.I.T.I.’s communication towards members and final users alike.


On that a occasion, a new and important sectoral study of the moving scenario in Italy was presented. Rossana Carlini was elected to chair the “International and Ministry Relations Section” while Max Ajroldi was confirmed as chairman of the “FIDI Section.”


In 2012, the Travelling General Assembly was held in the marvellous city of Matera. There, further steps important for A.I.T.I. were taken, and some modifications to the statute were approved,including: 1)Adoption of an ethical code; 2) The establishment of a new “Section for relations with Public Administration.”


The assembly held in Matera became an opportunity also to present a new sectoral study focusing specifically on the “ Costs of the structures of moving businesses.”


As is customary, 11 November 2012 also saw the Annual Conference held in Rome. The objective of a Ministerial recognition of A.I.T.I. appears increasingly within reach. Prominent among the presenters was Dott. Enrico Finocchio, Director General for Transport and Intermodality. The meeting marked another step forward for A.I.T.I. since not only were there positive signals for obtaining the Association’s ministerial recognition, but also because, on that occasion, as had already occurred at the General Assembly in Catania – and on a national level at that – the “Moving in an international setting” model contract was made official.


This confirmation highlighted the intense collaboration between A.I.T.I., the Rome Chamber of Commerce, and the institutional contacts.


The General Assembly of 2013, held in Trieste, was not only an occasion to celebrate A.I.T.I.’s 10 years of intense activity, but also provided an opportunity to plan the Association’s future.


The General Assembly of 2014, held in Assisi, provided an occasion to approve the A.I.T.I. Code of Conduct.


In the General Assembly of 2015, held in Palermo, Luca Lucesole was made chairman of A.I.T.I.