AITI informs you

on the evolution of the moving and transport market, through a periodic newsletter that collects the main innovations that CONCRETALLY affect your work and a portal where you can find all the documents and conference proceedings on the legislation and helps you understand the practical implication on the your activity on what happens in other European countries, since AITI represents Italy at Fedemac (Federation of European Movers Associations).

AITI forms you

On the main issues related to the profession, through specific training courses: dedicated both to the employer and to employees of a regulatory nature but above all of very tangible content, linked to the daily issues of work.

AITI makes you save

guaranteeing the first year of association at half price if you join by May 31st! through agreements with companies that provide products and services useful to your work (packaging, insurance, etc.)

AITI assists and protects you

in the doubts related to your work that you can submit to our experts who always provide you with an authoritative answer, guaranteeing the interests of your category towards the institutions in charge (visit the site and discover all the projects in progress!) General assemblies where in addition to updates on concrete topics useful to the profession. at local meetings, where you can meet and discuss with your colleagues, find collaborations through the portal, where you get in touch with other members, you can share questions and take advantage of the “market” dedicated to you.