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Rome, 17 May – (Adnkronos) – Recognition of the specific nature of moving activity in the road haulage context, to protect consumers: this is the demand vociferously raised at the Assembly of the national trade association of Italian movers, A.I.T.I., a Confetra member, held in recent days in the province of Modena, and attended in great members by entrepreneurs in the sector summoned from various regions of Italy. Given the persisting unauthorized practises by black-market operators working unprofessionally and without adequate insurance coverage, l’A.I.T.I. requests the immediate establishment of a Special Section within the registry of professional road haulers (Albo degli Autotrasportatori professionali di merci). “Mandatory registration in the Special Section, with the demonstration of meeting additional requirements beyond those of road haulers,” explains the Association’s Chairman-Elect Sandro Gobbi, owner of Panda Trasporti Srl, “is also justified by the fact that road carrying proper is a marginal operation in the far vaster complex of activities of moving enterprises. Naturally,” Mr. Gobbi went on to say, “the objective may be more quickly and easily achieved if it is shared by similar industry organizations, to which A.I.T.I. addresses a cordial and open invitation to work together, abandoning preconceived ideological positions.” A.I.T.I., created in 1980 to unite the enterprises of international movers, and then extended to all moving enterprises, counts the sector’s most important companies among its members. (Sec/Pn/Adnkronos) 17-MAY-11 17:50 NNNN