Report of the A.I.T.I. Conference of 11 November 2010

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The Minister makes a commitment to A.I.T.I.,

this is the result of the A.I.T.I. Conference held in Rome this past 11 November 2010.

With members and guests on hand in great numbers, Chairman Massimo Miani and Board Member Marta Santamaria opened the proceedings.

Chairman Massimo Miani opened the Conference’s proceedings by first thanking all the members’ representations, declaring how satisfied and honoured he was by so great an attendance, which had been hoped for. His intervention was aimed at covering the most important steps that led to achieving the major objectives, which may all be included in the Association’s “progetto trasloco” (“moving project”).

Deputy Chairman Dott. Sandro Gobbi then took the floor to stress the need for the mover’s activity to be defined, regulated, and qualified. He expressed his belief that essential moments for bringing the “moving project” to a conclusion are the establishment of a Special Section in the registry of road haulers for third parties (Albo dell’Autotrasporto in conto di terzi) while, in parallel, defining and regulating the activity of the shipper/mover.

This need is also reinforced by the demands, both by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – with which A.I.T.I. is recognized as institutional partner – and by the special administrations office, which asked A.I.T.I. to gain qualification as a body guaranteeing the moving activity.

Dott. Gobbi confirmed the intense collaboration, during this year, with the Rome Chamber of Commerce, which led to the drawing up of a national model Contract of reference: no longer a transport contract but a moving Contract defining the activity’s operative, administrative, and insurance procedures.

Collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce continues with the work to draw up an international moving Contract, a Code of conduct, and the establishment of an information point – which can also provide support for training, and which is above all available to enterprises but also to the final user.

Lastly, the Deputy Chairman, in appealing to a justified demand to establish a Special Section of the road hauler registry, laid claim to the specific nature of the moving activity, as resulting from Legislative Decree no. 59 of 26 March 2010, which considers moving among the very few high-qualification professions.

Dott. Gobbi’s presentation was followed by greetings from Irene Pivetti, President Emeritus of the Chamber of Deputies and President of the non-profit foundation LTBF; her speech focused on stressing the LTBF’s support for A.I.T.I., in a lobbying effort to help business people to fully regularize their activities, to act in accordance with parameters of greater safety at work, and to balance market conditions. All this requires public administration to take on co-responsibility for achieving the ambitious but tangible objectives that A.I.T.I. proposes.

Then it was the turn of Dott.ssa Clara Ricozzi, representative of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, Secretary General of the of the Road Haulage and Logistics Board, who confirmed that the primary objective – which is recognition of the specific nature that this profession, also in respect of the parallel professions of transporter and shipper – “is now an achievement within reach”; as is testified to by the initiative with the Rome Chamber of Commerce to revise the Collection of Uses and to develop the national model moving Contract, already approved and published nationally; these are a highly important signal, as is the prospect of an international model moving Contract.

On this front, the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport confirmed the possibility that the Registry’s central committee will put these items on the agenda as soon as possible, and will then rule positively.

The Board declared its intention, as soon as it is completed in its bodies, to give a systematic hearing to A.I.T.I., since the Executive Committee, soon to be installed, will be able to establish the existence of members that, although not directly part of the Board, have the professional standing to be systematically heard.

In her concluding considerations, Dott.ssa Ricozzi set out the possibility of giving space to the moving profession, both in the context of the new Group simplifying and harmonizing the road haulage regulations – of which she is one of the Coordinators – and in the Market Observatory which might work in synergy with the Chambers of Commerce, and whose functions include gathering habits and customs.

Following the presentation by the representative of the Rome Chamber of Commerce Patrizia Luberti, attorney-at-law, director of area VIII – Contracting, confirmed the continuation of collaboration with A.I.T.I., both for drawing up the international model moving Contract and for identifying additional areas of activity to be regulated, such as moving for professionals, enterprises, or such large organizations as companies and major public administrative bodies.

The remaining portion of the Conference saw a succession of interesting and competent seminar presentations more deeply examining the regulations for accessing public tenders and on tax regulations in connection with the world of road haulage for third parties and of moving, and the problem of applying VAT in international settings.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting, thanking the guests and attendees, and appealing to the associative spirit which entails active participation by businesses in the Association, so as to grow and strengthen A.I.T.I.