Letter from chairman Sandro Gobbi – AITI GENERAL ASSEMBLY, Assisi – 23 May 2014

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Dear colleagues,
the Assisi event, which has just drawn to an end, stands before us in the sense that the innovations that were adopted set out a new, common path.

Our Association requires as sole condition of membership entry in the registry of road haulers for third parties and compliance with the A.I.T.I. Code of Conduct, just adopted, which summarizes all the technical and administrative requirements and the legal obligations for practising the various activities in our complex profession. This Code of Conduct is an essential tool of identification and qualification for member enterprises, and of orientation for customers, in an increasingly difficult and chaotic market.
So we all continue together, and hopefully in ever-increasing numbers, to turn our commitment into a profession that is more and more impassioned, accredited, and credible.

These are our most important and immediate goals, pursued with the decisive commitment of Confetra:
establishment of a Special moving services section within the registry of road haulers for third parties;
collaboration with the competent Ministry has resumed;
introduction into the first possible legislative decree of the provision to reduce the V.A.T. rate and the deductibility of invoices for moving services.

These are the issues we are currently working on:

signing (by the end of June) according to the commitment of the competent General Manager) of a Convention for moving services with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
possible improvement of the provision that modified art. 199 of DPR no. 18/67;
signing of a similar Convention for moving services with the competent Bilan-Dife (central office of budget and financial affairs ) directorate of the Ministry of Defence, and with the special administrations office;
specific and unified regulatory provision for the regulation of the Occupation of Public Land;
possible enlargement of the Association’s activities in the commercial setting;
Consip-Unioncamere’s possible unification of procedures for accreditation of moving enterprises with public administration.

These are the recently acquired useful tools:
procedure for accrediting enterprises with the authority for supervision of public contracts (Autorità per la Vigilanza sui Contratti Pubblici – AVCP), and to obtain specific passes;
unified procedure at Unioncamere, to obtain evidence, in the chamber of commerce certificate, of the start of the moving activity (code 49.42.00), aimed also at entering the enterprises in Mercato elettronico della Pubblica Amministrazione (electronic public administration market) in the specific Catalogue of moving services being set up; new website architecture.

The following are the attestations recently received:
letter from Dott. Cascardi, Director General for resources and innovation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
letter from Ing. Gianfranco Battisti, President of the Transport and Logistics Section of Unindustria del Lazio – Confindustria.

In Assisi, we decided upon major innovations for our activity, and we spent three good days together. This fine result depended on the commitment of many colleagues, of the national secretary dott.ssa Marta Santamaria and dott.ssa Stefania Marchetti, who organized the event and coordinated the technical and economic contribution of the numerous sponsors.
Some documents referred to in the letter are attached; the others are available at the secretary’s office.

I would like to thank all the members in attendance in Assisi, and absent members who were unable to attend; I am certain they have taken part all the same, and they will be present at future events.

Rome, 26 May 2014
A.I.T.I. – Associazione Imprese Traslocatori Italiani
Sandro Gobbi